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We design and develop mobile apps.

Not regular apps, but exceptional ones.

We create prime iOS & Android apps for

startups and enterprise clients all around the world.

We go beyond. Beyond expectations, beyond technology.



are ahead

are global

have the best

Jaam was originally founded by Apple Developer Academy alumni, from Apple's elite training school

that selects the most talented from all around the world.


We've put together

a unique team of product scientists, design masters and development experts. Some could say that what

we do is not rocket science. But it looks like.

Working with the best technologies and practices

It's not a matter of just creating apps. We want to rock while doing it. That's why we always apply the most advanced design practices, management methodologies and development

frameworks to assure that your

app will become a star.

Jaam iOS and

Android Libraries

Jaam Back End Libraries

Jaam Data Analytics Tools

Jaam Management Framework

Behind the fluid and simple experiences provided by our apps lies an entire collection of proprietary libraries and frameworks invented by us.

Our Passion

We are passionated for mobile app development and our project portfolio usually comprehends from small clients (startups) to big companies. Ah, and we also develop apps for ourselves.



Own Projects

Our team is able to support projects since early stage app idea concept, until product development and launch on the app

store. Just tell us what you need and we take care of the rest.


We've already created many stars

Get to know some apps made by Jaam.

appicon_light copy.png

Specially created to help developers, designers and companies to prepare apps to be launched on app store, Jaamly includes a full set of tools divided among 3 main areas: business, design and development.


Developed to support an Italian telecom company and it's customers, Area Personale allow users to have full control of their products, plans and personal information.

App Icon 60 x 60.png

A perfect tool for developers who need coding details about colors and also useful for who wants to generate beautiful random color palettes. It is a solution that every coder should have on their hands.


A search tool created to empower people while search for anything inside hundreds of integrated tools, websites and platforms at once. It goes where Google doesn't.


A team of app scientists

While united by an immeasurable passion for quality, we concentrate

our focus on design, development and strategy as passionately pursuing the state of the art of mobile apps.

Business Specialists

UI / UX Designers


Fullstack Developers




Global Presence

We have a multicultural team spread all around the globe that speaks +15 languages and is able to give local support to projects when required.

Let's Talk About Your Project

You can also say hello to us at contact@jaamtech.com


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